Amador’s first two years of life were spent with his herd at his breeder’s farm.  He was handled frequently by humans as a foal and he quickly found new buddies when he was separated from his mother.  He adjusted easily and quickly to his new home and owner.  Between the ages of two and three years, Amador’s training focused on developing ground manners, experiencing the environment around him, and learning how to wear tack. 

The first two years of Amador’s training and schooling were under the tutelage of Lendon Gray.  While there was a formal approach with respect to the training goals, it was informal, in that the training progression was always predicated on Amador’s physical and mental maturation.   Lendon coached Amador and his 14 year old partner, Jocelyn Wiese, at Training Level in 2002.  Go to “Shows” to see their incredible success. 

Amador continued his Dressage education and training with Lisa Pierson from 2003-2007. In 2003 she campaigned him in the Open Divisions of Training and First Level, where the competition and qualifying scores are tougher.  Their success is documented in "Shows."  Lisa’s approach was classically oriented, foundation building, and partnership oriented.  

2004 was a busy year for Amador educationally. Lisa began work with him on his changes and Lauren Gardner helped him to fine-tune his transitions and canter lengthening. Lauren was his Show partner that year. Go to "Shows" for more information about this partnership. 

Amador’s training in 2005 focused on Second Level work with some beginning work at Third Level.  His trot work progressed to include lovely full extensions.  More collection, counter canter, flying changes, and smooth tempo transitions within each of the three gaits were the emphasis. 

Amador is every owner and trainer's dream. He is a very happy boy who loves schooling. He listens carefully and he is responsive to invitations to join in the work of the moment. When Amador moves to Texas in April of 2008 he and his owner will begin training with a more Western focus...Western Pleasure, Competitive Trail, and Horsemanship...and, he will enjoy regular rides across the countryside.